Gig Guide

​​​​​​​​​​-JUL 19: Atic, Bicester. 10/10:30pm start.

-JUL 20: Littlebury hotel, Bicester. 8:30pm

-JUL 26: O'Neill's, Reading. 9-11pm

-JUL 27th: Islip festival. BAND GIG. 1-1:50pm

-JUL 27: Oxfest, The Red Lion, Marston. 5-6pm

-JUL 27: Northway social club, Headington. 9pm



-AUG 2: The Cannie Man, Bracknell. 8:30pm

-AUG 3: The Tudor Rose, Romsey. 9pm​  

-AUG 9: O'Neill's, Maidenhead. 10-12pm.

-AUG 10: The 100 Acres, Bicester. 9pm

-AUG 16: The Red Lion, Drayton, Abindgon. 9pm

-AUG 17: The White Horse, Headington. BAND GIG. 6-6:50pm






-AUG 17: Rivets social club, Aylesbury. 9pm​​​​​​​​​

-AUG 18: The Black Swan, Oxford. 5:30-8pm

-AUG 23: Ardley beer festival. Time TBC​​​

-AUG 24: Live In The Park, Aylesbury. BAND GIG. Time TBC.

-AUG 25: Jacob's Plough, Bicester. BAND GIG. 7pm

-AUG 30: The Black Horse, Tring. 9pm

-AUG 31: The Nightingale, Bicester. Time TBC​​​​​​​​​

-SEP 1: Victoria Arms, Marston. 3:30-6pm

-SEP 7: The Plough, Marsh Gibbon. 9pm

-SEP 13: O'Neill's, Maidenhead. 10-12pm.

-SEP 14: Booked private event​​​






-SEP 21: Royal British Legion, Crowthorne. 8:15-11pm

-SEP 22: Bletchingdon beer festival. 5:30-7:30pm

-SEP 27: The Humble Plumb, Southampton. 8:30pm

-SEP 28: The Norwood Arms, Cheltenham. 9pm

-OCT 4: Booked private party

-OCT 11: O'Neill's, Maidenhead. 10-12pm.

-OCT 12: Buckingham Athletics FC. 9pm

-OCT 19: BAND GIG: The Queen's Head, Enysham. 9pm

-OCT 25: The King's Head, Upton st Leonard. 9pm

-OCT 26: Red Lion, Marston. 9pm

-NOV 1: Booked private party

-NOV 2: O'Neill's, Maidenhead. 10-12pm.

​-NOV 8: The Angel, Witney. 9pm







-NOV 9: The Highfield club, Bicester. 9pm

-NOV 16: The Ashton club, Bicester. 9pm

-NOV 22: The Cannie Man, Bracknell. 8:30pm

-NOV 23: O'Neill's, Oxford. 10-12pm.

NOV 29: The Black Horse, Tring. 9pm

​-NOV 30: Fleur de Lys, Bath. 9pm

-DEC 1: The Black Swan, Oxford. 5:30-8pm

-DEC 14: Grapes & Tomatoes, Carterton, 8:45-11pm

​-DEC 21: The White Hart, Wolvercote. 9pm

-DEC 22: O'Neill's, Maidenhead. 8-10pm.

-DEC 24: Berinsfield Social Club. 9pm

-DEC 28: O'Neill's, Oxford. 10-12pm.

-NYE: The Littlebury Hotel, Bicester. Time TBC

-JAN 11: Woodstock social club. 9pm

-FEB 29: Booked, private event